Design System

User Interface Design
Design system illustration of components
6 months
My Role
Research, design audit, Component UI design, Site documentation UI design
Worked with
Design manager, Android developer
Project Overview
Poshmark is a social e-commerce application to buy, sell and discover fashion, home decor, beauty and more. It includes resale and retail of these items. It was 5 months since I had joined Poshmark. At that time Poshmark was a well established start-up. It had some brand identification to it. But there was a lot of inconsistency across all platforms.
As the design team grew, we were working on different features and different platforms there was a need for the design system.
As a team we pushed forward for the design system and got the approval to go forward with it doing the design system work side by side with other projects. This marked the start to the design system project.
Secondary Research
Design Audit
Defining components and their usage
Naming Convention
As a team we sat together and decided on the naming conventions which has to reflected throughout the organisation.
We used multiples of 4 to define padding across all platforms to maintain consistency.
We had a weekly thrice design meeting in which we discussed about the progress and also shared feedback.
Design guide
sketch file showing the design system
Design guide in sketch
Action bar component
Action bar
Bottom tab bar component
Bottom tab bar
Bottons component
Buttons and links
Action sheet component
Action sheet
Grid view component
Grid view
List view and slider
The design system was documented in the form of a site. The structure of the site was
Style guide - Typography
Styleguide - buttons and links
Maintaining the style guide
Multiple people using the master file saved in dropbox created issues with the document not saving certain changes. To manage version control we decided to use abstract. Changes to existing components or new components can be added after review and feedback from the team.
Once the design system was somewhat in shape we showed the developers and product managers. They found it very helpful and they gave their feedback regarding certain components