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User Experience and Interface Design
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3 months
UX Designer,
IA, Wireframes, UI,
Worked with
User Researcher, Content Designer, Product manager, Developers
Project Overview
MindGym uses behavioural science techniques to transform and bring about behaviour change in companies. This is done through live sessions, e-workouts or 1-1 coaching. Most mediums require a coach for delivery.
Coach forms an essential part of the process. Most of the current process on the coach side was manual.
‍I worked on the coach side of things. It first began with overall coach research. Once the needs and requirements were identified, the project got split into two parts. One half of it was coach onboarding and resourcing and the other part was building a new coach platform. I worked on the coach onboarding and resourcing.
I mapped out the current, interim and future solutions. This helped set a start for the project and come up with a site map for the coach resourcing tool.
Coach area process flow
Process flow
Automated process flow
Automated process flow
Site map
I created a user flow to show the automated and manual parts of the process. I designed the form for onboarding at first and then moved on to do the wireframes for the coach resourcing management tool. I created a few variations of wireframes and discussed with the users to which they would prefer and why. This gave me a direction for the first iteration of the design.
View prototype for coach onboarding formView prototype for coach resourcing and management tool
Coach onboarding form responsive UI
Coach onboarding form responsive UI
Usability Testing
I tested the form with the users. It was received very well. There were a few design changes which was discussed with the team and incorporated in the design.
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